Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Don't Make Me Count To Three!"

I have found myself so many times doing that...."If you don't stop by time I say three..." It does not work, shocking I know. Plus, isn't delayed obedience disobedience. That is definitely not what I want to be teaching my children. So many times I feel stuck and really wonder why kids don't come with an instruction manual, or do they? Yes, everyone says The Bible is our instruction manual, it's true! But, I feel so lost sometimes trying to find a place to start, especially with such young children. Well my amazing mother n law gave me a book that has truly been a huge help and opened my eyes to true, godly discipline. If you are stuck and don't have a plan I recommend this book. It is going to take me time to where it is second nature but I'm so glad I am starting when my kids are young. So many things that tempt us to give into the whining, disobedience, tantrums etc., but I'm learning to get to the real issue- the heart. We have many struggles ahead of us, but thank God for His wisdom and guidance and for friends and family around us that support us and love our kids. I know God has called me to be a mother so I want to be the best one I can be. Aiden and Ryan are his kids, just on loan to Justin and I, and we want to honor God with how we teach them, love them, and care for them.

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  1. Alanna, thanks for the post. I am going to definitely check out that book. Maybe even use my Amazon gift card...LOL! We definitely all have struggles. I am surely feeling it since my husband has been gone so long on this work trip. I know I have felt like breaking and falling apart many times and I mean worst than how I have already fallen apart. There is a reason God has wanted marriage. It takes the both of you. I will pray for you and this area of your family's lives. I can certainly relate. I always tell myself that all the other Moms have got to feel this way just as much as I do or experience their children doing this or that. We will make it and so will they. Parenthood sure can bring out our own flaws.