Sunday, December 25, 2011



-to think or speculate curiously
-to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel
-to doubt

This year has been filled with wonder, wonder of all kinds. Overall I would say the amazement kind. I am so in awe of how God works things together and moves us through different stages of life to make us better. To make us stronger. To help us become willing to be used by Him.
It was a great year. We got snow! The Packers won The Superbowl (great for me, not so great for Justin.) Justin and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. In April I took a trip with some childhood friends to Chicago and then on to Illinois to see another get married. But at the end of that month we met with Aiden’s teachers, therapists, and school psychologist to hear Aiden’s diagnosis of Autism- Pervasive Development Disorder to be specific. I don't think I fully comprehended what that meant for us until the summer. I was challenged to show patience beyond what I can imagine. I failed many times but continue to try and focus on Aiden's strengths. Thankfully he is, and has always been, very high functioning, but we deal with many behavioral and social difficulties. He is such a sweet, smart little boy and with a lot of hard work and support he is going to be just fine. You can read some of my past blogs to learn a little more about that.
At the end of May I left Starbucks after 3 years. It wasn’t an easy decision but it was best. I was very unsure how I would replace that income and it took until the end of this year for that to happen, but as always God provided for our every need. One thing that did help supplement our income was something very unexpected. I began my business with Arbonne in July, and it’s been such a great experience for me. To be around such giving women and to be part of a team has been a huge blessing. The bonus is the paychecks and the amazing products.
At the end of the hottest summer I can remember, our boys had their birthdays. Ryan turned 2 and Aiden turned 5. I still can’t believe how fast they are growing up!
The fall and winter has been full of long days but great news. Justin received a wonderful promotion in October that answered years of prayer. Since stepping out in faith in July of 2009 we have had to trust God to make up for what we were lacking in finances. This raise was a big turning point for us. With that and Justin working 50-65 hour weeks we will be able to pay off our debt by this Spring! It’s been very difficult and tiring having 2 small children all day by myself, but I have a light at the end of the tunnel. I know this is temporary so I make it through the long days knowing this isn’t forever. I’m so thankful Justin is willing to take on so many hours to support us and go above and beyond.
All of my questions, my wondering of what God was up to....I may not get answers to all of them and that’s okay. Through it all, good and bad, God is still God and He is good! I’m excited for what 2012 holds. I know for sure it will be all of our debt gone and the rest I pray that whatever it is God would be glorified in all of it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love Alanna, Justin, Aiden, and Ryan.

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